Sunday, 2 April 2017


"The website formally known as : 1980's Timewarp"

Well, three months on and the RailGenArchive database is growing steadily.
With this blog hardly setting the internet on fire I've been concentrating my efforts there rather than here.

Several thousand workings have been added to the new site since our late December launch, and we are now showing just over 267000 records.

The total would have been much higher as many duplicate records had found their way onto the site during the process of reformatting and transferring over so much data across from Timewarp and we are still working our way through removing those.
But it's not just about how many records, but how accurate are they?

The data on the site is still far from perfect, but it is getting better all the time and will continue to do so. The number of duplicate records is much reduced and many missing details, notably headcodes and which leg of service worked are being filled in. A number of long standing previously unknown data errors have been found - workings that never really happened and have been disproved, so removed, but not before they've been cut and pasted all over the net. (We know, or can find out, just who told us what... and maybe even where they got it from?)

The most important part of our old 1980's Timewarp site was the diary pages, and that is basically what The RailGenArchive site is, but a new improved version. A back end database now holds all the data and our custom written scripts generate the pages.
Now as soon as we add your data to the system, the next person to visit sees it!

If you are interested in the BR locomotive fleet and what passenger turns they worked, visit our site, choose a data filter, and you can see the data month by month, see only the one class you're interested in or see everything known just as before. You can also view data for an individual date, again with filter or just see the workings of a single loco, you choose.

For the diary pages how they were always meant to be...
Please visit... The RailGenArchive. Contact details are on the site, so please help us grow the site, pass on your new info, suggest corrections or just let us know what you think?

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