Sunday, 24 June 2018


The RailGenArchive website has once again been expanded this time to include coverage of the year 1992. So now the site covers the range of years 1971- 1992 . Further expansion into 1993 to follow...

At the time of this posting the RailGenArchive database contains 325356 records, while increasing in quantity, the quality of that gen also continues to be improved. Our intention is to feature all areas of the BR network and all loco classes, so if you feel that your favourite locos or local area is currently under represented then please get in touch and share your records with us. If you have any information relating to loco hauled passenger workings over BR that we don't already feature, then please Contact Us either via email or the contact form provided on the main site, or use the box at the foot of this page. We can handle gen in any digital format, all years welcome. All loco classes feature and data filters on the site allow you to just look at the gen that interests you.

Many thanks for all your help and support so far.

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