Sunday, 6 August 2017

A Rare Posting

"The site can only be as good as the gen we receive."

Being a founder member of the The Rail Gen Archive Group and playing a part in the constant updating of the Railgenarchive it is this major project that is currently taking up all my time, so this blog continues to be neglected.

I'm probably spending a minimum of 20 hours on this project each week and sometimes maybe twice that. Unlike some websites that lift their data from anywhere, gen used by the Railgenarchive is supplied to us, ideally, from the records made by you. All gen used by us is traceable back to source. Many records are traceable back to multiple observers. However our site is still subject human error and we have many reports that conflict and we are correcting and revising things all of the time. As well processing new gen and suggested corrections received, we are cross referencing gen against The Rail Gen Archive Group members websites past and present. Once I've finnished cross-checking the Railgenarchive against our old 1980's Timewarp records then these blog posts should pick up in pace, but there is still much to do.

If you can add anything to the Railgenarchive or can spot any errors, please contact us with details via our Contact page where you will find a contact form and email address or you can use the comment form on this blog if you prefer.

At the time of writing these notes, there are 278650 records on the Railgenarchive site and our mailbox is freshly emptied, all gen processed. So far, since the site went live late last December, mails have been processed and acknowledged (where contact details have been left) with a short mail within a couple of weeks or so.

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