1980s Timewarp Revival

"We've been away for far too long but now we're back!"

What is the 1980's Timewarp website all about anyway?

As new posts and pages are added to this blog, they will also be added here to the Timewarp Revival page under the sections below.
+ Next to a link indicates a new page.
* Next to a link indicates a revamped page off the old site.

The main sections of the site are / will be:

Classic Haulage - listings of what loco's worked select services.
  The SO Nottingham - Llandudno service from 1982.*

Diary Pages
I've always thought of Timewarp (and other serious gen sites) as another branch of railway preservation. And, just as with that once much loved and well restored loco, after many years of thrashing back and forth, it'll need some major work doing eventually. So you put off doing that work until you have no choice, and then, probably after a period in store, the work restarts, and eventually, after a lot of time and effort the results are well worth the wait... Timewarp records are currently undergoing major restoration with the new site becoming much more of a collaboration.
Until then, a link to a set of Archived Diary Pages is here.

Where Were You? -
Current available dates :
  Saturday 17th June 1978 * - Doncaster Works Open Day.
  Tuesday 27th August 1985 +- Typical summers day.

Features & Articles -
  A brief history of... The SO Nottingham - LLandudno.*
  A brief history of... The SX Stoke-on-Trent - Llandudno.*

Other sections:

The Local pages - previously removed from the old site due to lack of web space.
  4M22 Peterborough - Crewe Parcels+ - A long lost van train remembered.
  'The Staffordshire Potter' remembered* ...part I (1980-1983)
  'The Staffordshire Potter' remembered* ..part II (1984-1986).
  'The Staffordshire Potter' remembered+ .part III (1987-1988).
  'The Staffordshire Potter' remembered+ ..part IV (1988-1989).

New sections:

What happened to Timewarp? - More detail's of what went wrong here.+
What next for Timewarp? - Where we are going with our plans. See here.+

Contact details .

'UD' & 'Clayhead' - Preserving the gen online since 1999...

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