Saturday, 20 January 2018

RGA loco search upgrade

"Much more regular posts will follow..."

The RailGenArchive now features a new and much improved loco search option.

The old search just looked for the number and listed workings by a loco with that number. Trouble is, some numbers were carried by more than one loco (although normally more than a single loco had the number at any one time) and in such instances you'd get an inaccurate listing. Also, where a loco carried more than one number during the years covered, you'd need to search for each number separately.

Now when you enter a loco number, workings by that loco under all numbers that it carried, from pre-TOPS onward, are listed. Where a number was carried by more than one loco at different times, you'll be given a choice between lists of all numbers carried by each engine.

Coming soon, further expansion of the years covered by the RailGenArchive... as well as continuing gen updates...

Many thanks for all your help and support so far. The RailGenArchive team.

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