Saturday, 8 December 2018

Site headcode search now added

Posts to this blog have been few and far between simply because the main project, The RailGenArchive website is going so well at the moment and taking up all my time. The site has been recently upgraded and the URL sightly amended to making it a little bit more secure, not that that matters as you should be redirected anyway. The site's code as also been tidied up and a new data search feature, search by headcode, has also been added this week. This latest feature was added at the request of site visitors so it is worth getting in touch if you can think of any ideas to improve this site.

The RailGenArchive website currently covers the years 1970- 1993 and the archive details 353618 records of (mostly) passenger workings. Regular site updates continue not only adding to the data, but also improving the quality of that data. Expansion to cover other years is imminent, so watch this space...

If you can add any information relating to loco hauled passenger workings over BR that we don't already feature, or spot any errors, no matter how obvious, then please Contact Us either via email or the contact form provided on the main site, or use the box at the foot of this page. We can handle gen in any digital format, and all years welcome. Our intention that the RailGenArchive features all areas of the BR network and all loco classes without bias to our own personal tastes, and where that is not the case this is entirely a reflection of the info we've been supplied with and NOT intentional, so if you feel that your favourite locos or local area is currently under represented then please get in touch and share your records with us.

Many thanks for all your help and support so far.

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