Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Confusing codes: Can you help?

The RailGenArchive project is ongoing continuation of the old 1980's Timewarp site with updates usually at least once per week. This is A site dedicated to recording diesel and electric (mostly) passenger workings as accurately as possible. The site database contains 390265 records at the time of this post with all loco classes featured. The site currently covers the years 1970- 1995 but workings from other years are added when supplied

The position re headcodes used for passenger services over the Crewe - Cardiff route during the latter part of the 1970's is confusing to say the least!

Back when these trains were DMU's, I believe the 2V67 code was used for all Cardiff bound trains & 2M67 for Crewe bound.  Only the hauled mail & summer dated workings had 'proper' codes.  The summer of 1976 saw increasing use of locos & hauled stock vice DMU's.  22/11/76 (RO01/77) appears to be the date that these turns officially became loco-hauled.  Then, at some point after that, probably with a full timetable change, these turns gained individual codes, but I don't know when this happened for sure, and don't want to just guess. Looking at other websites (as usual) doesn't help either.

With reports We've had, the gen on the codes as been confusing, so is usually shown as given.  What we need is to find someone with appropriate WTT's that is willing to look them up & let us know which codes applied to which trains from what dates so that I can then amend and improve the site accordingly.

If you can help with any of the required info, please use the contact form below, or used the email or contact form on the main site.

Many thanks for all your help and support so far.

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