Friday, 23 December 2016

Freshly ex Works!

"1980's Timewarp - Freshly ex Works and renamed!"

Well, it's finally here!

The most important part of the old 1980's Timewarp was the diary pages.
This data is officially back online forming a new website under a new name.
A back end database now holds all the data and scripts generate the pages.
Now as soon as we add your data to the system, the next person to visit sees it!
Choose a data filter, see the data month by month, see only the class you're interested in or see the whole lot just as before,
You can also view data for an individual date, again with filter
or just see the workings of a single loco, you choose.

For the diary pages how they were always meant to be...
Please visit...
The RailGenArchive .
And let us know what you think

© 'UD' & 'Clayhead' - Preserving the gen online since 1999...

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