Sunday, 4 December 2016

Progress report

"We've been away for far too long, but now we're back."

The old site came to a standstill due to getting bogged down with data, so I've been putting in the hours coding the admin section, with still a little more work to do in that area. Hopefully this will all make the new site a lot easier to maintain and this time arround it'll be more of a group effort anyway with many more ways for you to help out in this epic task of 'preseving the gen'. Having put in so much time and effort into the old site, countless hours of effort over many years, we were never going to go away perminently.

Work on the new site continues apace. There are over 225,000 records in the database and counting and most of the coding as been completed but we need to be right upto date before we go live. The new site will have a familliar look about it; month by month listings will now have selectable filters allowing the working's of any single class that you might want displayed, or you can still opt to see all the workings like before, or list just the non ETH workings as originally intended, or you can list just workings by any single loco or for any single date.

All but the data for the year 1989 (from the years covered, 1975-1989) have now been processed although there are still a great deal of omissions which will need to be added as well.

Quite a few of you have emailed asking after the old site and have not had a response. We were simply waiting until we had something positive to report... well expect a mail sometime soon... once we know when we'll be ready to go live you'll find out here and quite possably get that long awaited mail.

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